Enterpreneurial Education for NEET

Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges of contemporary Europeg. Labor market statistics show that in Europe as many as seventy million people do not have adequate basic and transversal skills. 

About the project

ENT4NEET project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, seeks to promote an exchange of good practices among European youth organizations active for the socio-economic integration of young people at risk of exclusion, namely NEETs (young persons not engaged in education, employment or training), through the enhancement of their “soft skills”.

The Skills Panorama (Cedefop) defines Soft skills as cross-cutting across jobs and sectors, and related to personal competences (confidence, discipline, self-management…) and social competences (teamwork, communication, emotional intelligence…). 

With a total grant of EUR 72.763,00, the project activities will cover at least 5 European countries, involving the same number of project partners:

  • Associazione Let’s Keep Learning, Applicant organisation (Italy)
  • Aidejoven (Spain)
  • Drustvo za izobrazevanje in socialni razvoj (Slovenia)
  • Fundacja proFesjonalni Aktywni Qlturalni Mlodzi (Poland)
  • Foxpopuli (Sweden)

Following a preliminary field research conducted on a national level and aimed at investigating the most demanded soft skills within the different labour markets, the project will implement a pilot course, organise transnational learning experiences and develop a manual (so-called “Handbook”) conceived to boost the upskilling of European youth workers involved in the education and training of vulnerable youngsters.

Results & activities

The ENT4NEET project seeks to stimulate entrepreneurship and communication skills, integration and active citizenship of young people, especially NEETs and those affected by other economic/social/cultural/geographical disadvantages, by enriching youth workers’ toolkit via an education and training model likely to be easily replicated and transferred to different economic sectors and territories.


C1 - Short term joint staff training "Education to Entrepreneurship: tools for youth workers"

The objective of the LTTA consists in experimenting techniques useful for educating young people in self-entrepreneurship, understood as a transversal competence. Hosted in Sweden and conceived for youth workers (20 people, 4 per country), the mobility will also serve to exchange good practices referred to the most effective and tailored experiences/approaches to convey the learning contents emerged from the preliminary field research conducted at national level. An interactive and participatory approach will stimulate the participants to share innovative methods for entrepreneurial education, implemented by their respective partners up to that point. The learning outcomes following the learning experience abroad, as well as the overall satisfaction with regard to the contents treated, will be assessed via an ad hoc ex post questionnaire.


Country report about the most demanded soft skills

Hands-on experience with the latest programEach partner will conduct a national research within the labout market in a view to investigate primary data from the world of work to identify the most requested cross-cutting skills, competences and attitudes with regard to young people (15 - 29 years old), especially NEETs. The results will be collected in a report to form the basis for the project's Handbook; the analysis will also be used as a reference in the design of the Learning Teaching Traning Activities (hereafter C1 and C2), as well as the pilot course.



The tool is designed for teachers, educators and trainers in the Youth field and will contain: 1) the results of the research about the soft skills demanded by the business world (in English), namely the country reports' highlights; 2) a set of guidelines for innovative and multimedia training in the field of entrepreneurship education, in particular the social one; 3) the most innovative practices made available by the project partners during the LTTA/C1.

Group of happy young  business people in a meeting at office

Piloting, Entrepreneurial Indicator and Impact Report

Organised at local level by the single partner organisations, the Pilot training courses will involve 10 NEETs per country in a view to test the Handbook's contents, putting into practice a number of approaches and tools collected therein. The Entrepreneurial Indicator will be setup after the pilots and contain the variables analyzed through the questionnaires addressed to the NEETs participating in those events to assess their effectiveness. Two months after the pilots, the young participants will be requested to express the impact of those events in their professional and training lives, providing suggestions for improvement and the final tool's calibration.

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C2 - Blended mobility of young people "Education to entrepreneurship for NEETs"

Training course organised in Spain and involving NEETs (20 people, 5 per country - min. 5 having Special educational needs) as well as 5 accompanying persons (1 per partner - namely the youth workers who previously participated in other project phases). The Handbook guidelines will be applied and animated mainly through the Role Model technique in a view to: further develop the entrepreneurial competences of the participants, enhance their intercultural and linguistic knowledge and skills, support the personal development of the young participants.

News & best practices

Ent4NEET - C1 - Short term joint staff training "Education to Entrepreneurship: tools for youth workers"

A group of 20 youth workers from 5 partner countries (Associazione Let’s Keep Learning Onlus, Italy, AIDEJOVEN, Spain, Fundacja proFesjonalni Aktywni Qlturalni Mlodzi, Poland, Društvo DISORA, Slovenia) participated in a joint staff training in Eslöv, Sweden from 4th to 8th of July 2022.

Ent4NEET - Brochure

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