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C1 - Short term joint staff training in Sweden "Education to Entrepreneurship: tools for youth workers"

 Erasmus+ KA2 Project n. 2020-3-IT03-KA205-020532

A group of 20 youth workers from 5 partner countries (Associazione Let’s Keep Learning Onlus, Italy, AIDEJOVEN, Spain, Fundacja proFesjonalni Aktywni Qlturalni Mlodzi, Poland, Društvo DISORA, Slovenia) participated in a joint staff training in Eslöv, Sweden from 4th to 8th of July 2022. The host organisation was FOXPOPULI.

On each of the 5 working days one of the partners first presented best practice examples from their country and then tried out some practical activities in a group setting. Methods like teamwork, group presentation and problem solving were used to great effect, all in the context of entrepreneurship.

The training was also a part of the preparation for the C2 – Blended mobility of young people that will take place in Madrid, Spain in January 2023. The training gave everybody a strong foundation to select and prepare the NEETS who will take part in the activity, to later evaluate the selected best practices and to create practical tips and guidelines on how to use them most effectively when working with NEETS.

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What is Ent4Neet about? That is the question. 😉

The full project title behind the acronym is: “Entrepreneurial Education for NEET”. 🚀

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                                                                                 Ent4NEET – Entrepreneurial Education for NEET 🚀

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